How to workout at home

Written By UK Fitness Events

Lockdown has seen many things make a comeback, including the home workout. Loads of people are choosing to work up a sweat this way, but if you’re hesitant about giving it a go then fear not – we’re here to give you some tips!

Location, location, location

If you’re living with housemates or family, you probably won’t want to be somewhere too noisy or cramped. Because of that, it’s best to find a room where you’re less likely to be interrupted. A spare room, bedroom or even your garden – it doesn’t need to be huge, but should give you enough space to stretch out!

Find some equipment (if you need any)

Some people are put off home workouts because they think they need expensive equipment. This isn’t always the case: push-ups, yoga or even Zumba can all be done without any equipment. What’s more, if you’re in need of inspiration, there are lots of free resources available online. 

Stick to a schedule

Home is full of distractions. There’s always something else that needs to be done, but try to commit to a timeslot for your workout if you can.  Not only will it get you motivated, but because you’re at home, you aren’t bound by opening times or class sizes. That means that if you work best at the crack of dawn or you’re more of a night owl, you can work out at the time that’s best for you!